Dearest Wedding Clients,

If you are wondering how much I was invested in you, it is my hope that this letter will leave you without doubt, for you see, from the moment you let me in, I became a part of your story in ways you may not even realize.

You see, when you first shared how you both met and fell in love, how your family responded to meeting your new spouse-to-be, sharing your interests and funny little habits, and those little things that made you both special together, your story entwined with my own and I became obsessed with making you happy.

I knew your schedule long before the actual day, scouted the location and even before that, had a chance to photograph you both at ease and full of joy during your engagement session – your personalities shining through, just being yourselves, happy and in love.

On your wedding day I started out a bundle of nerves (just as I am sure you were feeling) I wanted everything “just so” for you.  My desire was to share everything beautifully, perfectly so you could relive each moment with only good memories until the end of your days together.

I spent the day looking through my camera as well as making everything around you perfect: from watching for missing buttons, to helping the groomsman tie his tie straight to keeping extra pins on hand and holding your dress out of the mud as we all walked through the woods. Throughout the day I heard the stories your family and friends shared, I visited with your grandparents while they waited for dinner, I followed the little ones hoping to catch an impromptu playful moment, I listened to the heart-warming speeches and briefly fogged up my viewfinder by crying a tear.   At the end of the evening, secretly, you must know, when I said my goodbyes to you, I did not want the day to end because I knew this would be one of the last times I would see you. I drove home quietly, tired and hungry but stopping on the way to photograph the moon so you could see the sky the night of your wedding. The hours were long and yet went by so quickly and I did not want to forget.

Thank you for making me a part of your story.