Merry and bright by Benamoz


Today is Christmas Day!

I hope you are in fact, not reading this on Christmas day as spending time with family and friends is way higher on the list. Today I look forward to cooking up a lovely turkey dinner for my little family; bread pudding, pickled beets, creamy mashed potatoes and the ultimate layered chocolate pie and yes…I will be putting down the camera for the holidays; although not for too long – when you have a love for something and it becomes an integral part of your life, you miss it. Although I find the break inspiring and when I do take some time away I am ‘itching’ to get back to my calling!

It feels like home…

It has been a wonderful year here at Master Wedding Photography (TM).  I have learned so much and have found joy in sharing my knowledge with other fellow photographers.  I hope you will continue to follow us and to support your colleagues simply by adding your own comments and experiences to help build the community!

For now, I will leave you with the wisdom of one of my favorite photographers…advice that I take on enthusiastically:

“If you want to make more interesting pictures, become a more interesting person.”

~ Jay Maisel

Happy Holidays and we shall see you in the New Year!