Let me introduce you to my new BF for 2017…

Want this for yourself? My new BF…my lovely peony Lady of Leisure 17 month agenda!  The story behind this little beauty was that I was walking through my local bookstore and she called to me! Oh yes, I had to make her a part of my next year. Who doesn’t want a gorgeous, stylish bit of loveliness all year long?  I love this agenda so much that I want to give you your own!  Your stellar new year will start in August with this little lovely!

She will be your all-in-one personal assistant, best friend, #1 fan, wingwoman, game changer & keeper of dreams. If you are a planner addict like I am you will love her all year-long!! I am giving one away this week to one of my followers (giveaway next Friday at noon June 24th)!!

Here’s what Ban.do says about it:

“..Better than ever: more stickers, more notes pages, a pocket, secret code, a coloring page, tons of art inside and out, and so much more! Whether you’re a full-on #planneraddict or someone who’s just got big plans, trust us when we say you’ve gotta have one.”

Beautiful hand-painted blooms on our perfect peony pink. Inspired by oversized fashion florals and straight outta your flower fantasy! Plus, it looks so pretty with your outfit. Created by Helen Dealtry, our go-to flower girl, for lovers of florals (and people with eyes) everywhere.”

I can’t wait to give her away to you. Simply rate this blog post in the stars below and follow me here on Instagram! I can’t wait to meet you there soon!

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