A number of years ago, I was reading Elizabeth Messina’s book “The Luminous Portrait: Capture the Beauty of Natural Light for Glowing, Flattering Photographs”, which, if you are a wedding photographer looking for some serious inspiration and artistic renewal, you will absolutely LOVE this read!  Even after years of working in the field, I found her work utterly inspiring, detailed and informative!  I love her photography methods and the buttery-soft imagery that results (check out more on Kiss the Groom) plus, she shares detailed information about her fav vendors, which I decided to look into myself.  I was as blown away by one in particular… now my own vendor for boutique clientele, Bliss Books.

Now, let’s be clear, my affiliation to Bliss Books is none other than a fantastic experience and utter admiration for the art behind the work.  I have no monetary gain and no, not even a discount for this write-up.  All I know, is that, when my client’s take this beautiful work of art created from their day, it will make them weep with emotion every time they open the pages.

Leah Macdonald is the mastermind behind Bliss Books, she is an artist and photographer herself and she knows what clients want.

“Swan emerged from the art of creative collaboration. Bliss Books’ delicately designed and printed art all wrapped up in Velvet Raptor’s fresh and lush velvet oversewn binding. The combination creates the most delicious custom art book available, with the perfect balance of ephemera, vellum overlays, sumptuous cover choices, de-bossed designs, modern slipcases and encaustic art.”


“Combining your photographs and keepsakes with exquisite materials such as Hahnemuhle paper, vellum overlays, silk cloth,
and hand-painted encaustic photographs, we design and craft artistic books that reflect your personal story.”






These albums make your images stand out beautifully, enhancing your work, creating masterpieces for the boutique wedding photographer.  What an utter delight too, dealing with Leah at Bliss Books!  Leah also runs courses on photography and mixed media which you can read more about on her blog.  If she ever comes back my way, I will be signing up, just in the hopes of soaking up some of her brilliant creativity!

So there you have it: Bliss Books is my choice for “Editor’s Pick”.  Thanks Leah for all your great work and keep inspired!

Bliss photo

images courtesy of Bliss Books