Editor’s pick for wedding photographers ~ Need to brush up on your sales, your marketing, or do you need to enhance your studio?  Perhaps you are looking for the perfect wedding package to impress your potential wedding clients? In today’s post we are featuring this incredible company that cover’s it all!

Meet Design Aglow

So who is Design Aglow?

They are the ultimate resource for any wedding photography business!  Why?  Because they provide every service imaginable – your one stop-shop for every aspect ~ leaving you time for your art.

  1. Templates for emails, workflow, client care, marketing, essential wedding forms, organization and sales;
  2. Albums and packaging, tools and templates, starter kits, ribbons and beautiful professional options;
  3. Framing and matte options, show and sell kits; and
  4. Free information, resources and a reward program!

Here are a few aspects and items available from Design Aglow that stand out to us that we KNOW you will love too:

The Ultimate In-Person Sales Course for Photographers

We love this Ultimate In-Person Sales Course for photographers at Master Wedding Photography (TM) ~ it is tried and proven by photographers and it is the ultimate course indeed!  When you are done this course you will be able to shoot fewer sessions to generate more income. And you will get more of your life back, more time with friends and family and more time for you to enjoy your life. You will spend less time worrying. You will be able to enjoy being a creative again.  Who is this course for?  Those who feel overworked and underpaid, who want to make a great living from art, who want to provide high quality service and tangible products but you don’t think you can sell them to your clients.



Wedding Photographer’s Welcome Package bundle:

When you present your brides and grooms with Design Aglow’s Wedding Welcome Packet, their minds will be set at ease knowing that you’ve put so much thought into their event. You’ll build instant rapport and immediately get them thinking about future purchases. The marketing pieces are designed to make selling easy and effective.  We love the look and how easy it is to use!




Wedding Studio Magazine: Modern Minimalist (TM) Edition:

We have seen many templates show up all over the net, however this Wedding Magazine template stands out to us. It offers:

Professional appeal and the best possible first impression to help you sell your services with ease. Showcase your best wedding imagery with this striking template that can double as an excellent pitch piece.

It’s a Time Saver: With pre-drafted editorial components and pre-designed page layouts, the creative elements are already completed! Simply populate the designs with your images, using Photoshop or InDesign, and follow the included editorial guidelines to tailor your content in no time. This fully customizable magazine template makes editing a breeze.

It Shapes Your Image: You don’t need a PR manager and an expensive marketing campaign to get noticed. The eye-catching, yet cost-effective Modern Minimalist™ Wedding Studio Magazine template provides the perfect platform to highlight your skills in style and simultaneously establish an associated sense of professionalism.




You will love their website chalk-full of beautiful options and lovely goodies to help you with emails, workflow, marketing, sales, organization, kits and sellable times for your wedding clients!  Check out their website by clicking here for any of those aspects we have shown above and more.  Give Design Aglow a try…and join them on instagram for their Spring Giveaway going on right now or sign up for their free success guide here!

Huge thumbs up from Master Wedding Photography (TM)!!