With each client I am struck with the desire to add some artistic photographs to their collection.  To do this, I take (what seems to me) the ordinary and make it completely unique!  Whether it’s adding grainy texture, subtle layers of sunshine glow or going all out with a new idea altogether, it is a must for each of my clients.

You may ask what the thought process is when I think about artistic imagery.  Its all about imagination, really.  There is no cookie-cutter way to create an artistic image – its more about how I feel when I come across an image or a combination of images, forming and shaping until I am satisfied with the result.

In this sample below, I liked the angle and the background (taken with an 85mm, making it soft and super pretty), but I wanted to do something crazy with it, making it totally different – I wanted to give my client something ultra-unique.  The image below is completely untouched, straight off of the camera.  As simple as it is, I wanted something more….

Photography by Benamoz Ltd. - Retouch your wedding image to make it unique!


One of my endeavors for each client is to include a night shot, but this couple’s reception location did not seem to have any great outdoor spots near to the venue so I decided to improvise the experience and modify the above image to make it into something great!

It all started with my drive back home from this wedding. I noticed in the sky overhead the most glorious full harvest moon!  Of course, I stopped and photographed the moment and tucked it away in the back of my mind.

Back at the studio I decided to integrate that glorious moon into this image, creating an ethereal-type quality with the illuminated light and layers of bokeh light I had in my library followed by darkening the image to create this night scene.

To dive further into the process, I took the above image into Photoshop adding a new layer then added the dark layer night sky with the moon, adding a layer of tree branches, adding yet another layer of darkness using the gradient tool and layers of grain and finally a colored bokeh from my library.  I found that the layers made the couple fairly dark, so adding another last ‘screen’ layer to lighten them up a bit gave it the final ethereal touch.  It was a fairly simple process, taking about a half hour or so, lots of play with the lights and darks to make it just so.

The resulting image below ensued and has became a favorite artistic edit of mine!


Photography by Benamoz - Moonlight Kiss


What do you think of the process and the result?  Do you have your own method of creativity processes you would like to share?  Leave a comment below!  We would love to hear it!