I love giving my clients a couture experience.  My reason for this is two-fold:

  1. My desire is to leave them breathless, with good feelings and ongoing excitement once the wedding is all done and passed by; and
  2. To create word-of-mouth future clients – trust me on this marketing aspect, it is proven!

Here are three tailor-made ways to give your clients the ultimate experience:


I often feel melancholy that our time with our clients is coming to a close.  When you take your work seriously, endeavoring to make your client happy (while respecting your art and the work you do – more on this later) and honestly, by the end of our time together, I feel as if we have made new friends.  We receive the same feedback from our clients as well!  You may now be wondering:  How do you make this happen?

Here’s how…

We choose to work with only a certain amount of clients per year, it allows us to give the clients we work with more time and our full attention; creating a much more personalized boutique experience…

It’s not about number of clients you are booking or getting as many clients as you can into one jam-packed year.  It’s about the art of photography and making your clients happy.  Set your rates to account for this and give your clients and experience that is not “cookie-cutter” – they want a memorable and unique experience made just for them.


This is one of my favorite aspects… giving a gift!  With every client, no matter who they are, we have made it part of our philosophy to give each client a personalized gift at the end of the wedding session – bonus…don’t tell them until the ‘reveal’ It is a wonderful and lasting, memorable (and most unexpected) finishing touch to the delight of our clients once they receive a well-presented and carefully thought out gift!

The below was created as a large canvas gallery wrap, ready to hang for our latest client.  Often I will choose either a collage of images or if one image strikes me as dramatic, artistic and beautiful, I will host just the single image.  I personalize it further by putting the date of their wedding and a portion from their vows to remind them of their words.  There is nothing like handing over your work in larger than life size (usually about 24 x 36) perfectly printed, in gorgeous color and on an ideal texture.  When you see your images, you just know that photography was meant to be printed.  In fact, there are times when I end up printing two…one for the client and one for my own studio wall display.



I am going to spill my secret…after many years of searching, mostly through trial and error, I have found the ultimate vendor. “Artsy Couture“.  They create wonderful, beautiful printed and gift works that are unlike any other vendors….truly high quality product that I KNOW I can rely upon for quality.  [note: the above recommendation is based upon my personal experience].  I am utterly smitten with their work..and have NEVER seen such quality come from a vendor before.  Their gallery wraps are second-to-none, and take it from me, I have tried out many, many vendors, and the pricing is just as wonderful.


This may seem small, but giving a hand-picked note of thanks with our gift is, usually in the form of a hand-written note (the art of handwriting, is wonderfully rare) personal touch.

So there you have it.   There are, of course other ways to give your clients the tailor-designed feel but this is just a small peek into what we do to treat our client’s like royalty.

Time, a gift and thankfulness… a great way to approach one’s personal life with family and friends too?!  Hm!

To all of our lovely clients, past, present and future, I send over a great big ‘thank you’ for allowing me to follow my dream.  

Do you have ideas of your own that you might like to share whether you are a photographer or a wedding couple who has received wonderful service experience?  Leave your comment below…I would love to hear your thoughts!

Keep Inspired!

~My Love Light Lace