Most bridal couples find the wedding photographer search experience frustrating.  How do we turn these couples into actual bookings?  Let’s look at the average couples ‘filter’.

Typically, they seek:

  1. Photography they love and can relate with;
  2. Photographers that are in their budget; and
  3. Have a great package to offer.

With the information and scenarios above, how do we turn wedding photography clients into bookings?  

Here are some ways to take the mystery out of booking clients that visit your site:

  1.   Don’t have the idea that every client who looked at your website should book with you.

Client need to decide if they wish to work with you not only on the images up on your website, but also based on the information you provided; leading up to another point.   Remember, as a photographer you have the right to decide if you wish to work with client. You need to decide if they are going to be a good fit, otherwise, you may both end up unhappy.

2.   Keep transparent and avoid wasted time

I prefer to put all of my basic packages as well as the pricing on my actual web page. It may be considered faux pas by other photographers in the field, however I find after many years of experience trying numerous ways, that putting the prices on the website saved wasting time on both the client party as well as my own. Keeping transparent is key.

This is such a huge subject for photographers in the world of weddings.  For myself, I know what works in my area and in my type of photography, knowing that not everyone will book with me and keeping transparent to stop wasted time for both parties is completely vital.  Believe me, bridal couples will be grateful to you, even if they don’t book knowing your price right off.  What are your thoughts and experience on the matter?

Please give your reply/comments below!

Keep inspired!