Deep in the Forest



The golden hour in the heart of the forest…

My favorite time of day for bridal portraiture is photographing during the golden hour.  That beautiful 40-60 minutes when the sun starts to rise and in the evening when it starts to set, everything has a warm, golden hue and the environment seems so much more fairy-tale-like.

With most wedding couples, they set aside time for a session in the afternoon which usually means photographs in the harsh bright sun, leaving me to find shady spots in order that I may gain more control of the light.  I do this by adding my own fill light; from my assistant holding a large reflector or using my wide range of lighting and light shapers to get the effect I desire.

I keep a constant eye on the sky however, letting my couples know ahead of time that the best photographs of the day will be during that precious golden hour.  In the photograph above, late in autumn, the sun set so much sooner over the ridge of the mountains.  Our couple stepped away from the reception cocktail hour for this natural light photograph.  It was one of the most memorable for them, becoming a beautiful and permanent memory in large framed print.

I have had many similar experiences, making an effort to get our clients out in the early morning or late summer evening for the ultimate and ideal time of day.  I would love to hear about your own experience with golden hour photography.  Leave your comments below!

Keep inspired!

~ My Love Light Lace