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How wonderful to see you here at Master Wedding Photography (TM), the ultimate creative resource for wedding photographers!  We know it takes more than stellar photographs to run a successful wedding photography business. You need the right tools, the right approach and the best in products and service for your clients.  This is just the beginning of what is required and so, my fellow Creative, this is where MWP comes in…we have collected wonderful articles and posts/resources from top wedding photographers world-wide and we will share all resources and discoveries with you – ongoing, in addition to success stories from others who have reached their dream and how they too got to where they are.  [Please note, each blog post is given full credit to the originating author with link-backs – if there is anything you feel should be changed, or is linked incorrectly, please let us know and we will gladly make those changes!]  A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE GREAT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER RESOURCES OUT THERE!!

So what can YOU do to grow your wedding photography business?  

This website is divided into sections to help you find answers to your questions easily:

Elevate Your Business

Here you will find information on the business side of your wedding photography with articles such as How to Treat Your Wedding Clients Like Royalty, First Impressions of Your Website and Prepping for the Perfectly Creative Engagement Session.

Find Creativity

The ultimate creative library!  A great place to find information on editing, retouching with creativity, photographing family formals with flair and so on!

Marketing & Winning Clients

Find new clients and win over potential clients here with great information on how to grow your followers and bring in newly engaged clients.

Editor’s Picks & Products

Most items in this area will develop your business productivity and get you one step closer to building your dream with the ultimate in proven products and services for Wedding Photogs.  Please note, although some posts may be sponsored, it is because I have approached each company myself after proven, tried and true research – I have used these vendors/purchases myself or has been proven by others with rave reviews!  Everything here you can be totally excited about!

Success Stories and Inspiration

Read about other successful photographers and find inspiration to keep your spirits up and know you are not alone!

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Thank you for joining us here….we can’t wait to see and hear more about your new business growth!

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