Welcome to Master Wedding Photography with Ryan Schembri.
I am thrilled to share my educational resources with you. They will provide you with the knowledge and skills to achieve your photography and business goals.
​Nothing gives me greater joy than helping photographers grow their business with confidence and become better versions of themselves.
I photographed my first wedding at the age of 15 and have loved capturing people on their wedding day ever since. For over 20 years, my passion has been creating images for people that don’t just record their wedding day, but to capture and create images that will, in time, become family heirlooms and priceless works of art.
Throughout my career, I have always strived for excellence in what I do. This has seen me travel the world to compete in, and judge, photographic competitions. It’s also given me the opportunity to educate other photographers on the core fundamentals of photography.
I look forward to watching you Master YOUR Wedding Photography.